Starry Night
Starry Night Starry Night


- Bahlsen chocolate coated biscuits
- CoFresh Bombay mix
- East Bali Cashews popcorn and cashews mix
- Uber Flavour rooibos iced tea
- New York Delhi Bollywood barbecue peanuts
- Beryls Tiramisu chocolate coated almonds
- Balconi chocolate coated sponge rolls
- Jouy & Co real fruit wine gums
- Bonta Lucane sour cream and mushroom croutons
- Finns mini Russian Fudge x 2

All thrown together in a locally made soft wire-rimmed basket

Hot tip! We use natural wood wool to line the baskets to avoid your treats getting crushed. This can be reused or recycled. Our favourite is in compost as it is biodegradable.