Cracker Christmas
Cracker Christmas Cracker Christmas


- Squealing Pig central Otago Pinot Noir 750ml
- Squealing Pig Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 750ml
- Rieme pomegranate French lemonade 750ml
- Eat Art rosemary & tomato beer bread
- Cockburn's deluxe Christmas cake
- Dean's all butter crumby shortbread 
- CoFresh Bombay mix
- Opies cocktail onions
- Rosenborg Danish brie cheese
- Argente crispbread
- Shaws fig and honey chutney
- Cavalier taragon mustard
- Jean Brunet chicken confit patē
- New York Delhi Bollywood barbeque peanuts
- Fornaia de Italia garlic and herb crackers
- Tunnocks caramel wafers 4-pack
- Piselli chocolate cream filled cookies
- Haribo gold bears bag
- Beryls no added sugar almond chocolate
- Xmas themed marshmallow sticks

All thrown together in locally made wooden crates with large beautiful ribbons

Hot tip! We use natural wood wool to line the baskets to avoid your treats getting crushed. This can be reused or recycled. Our favourite is in compost as it is biodegradable.