St Nick's Treat
St Nick's Treat St Nick's Treat


Ara Single Estate pinot noir
Buiteman deft blue cheese crackers
Buttermilk gingerbread Xmas fudge
Wild Country Onion Marmalata
Opies cocktail onions
Jean Brunet French pate/confit
East Bali cashew nuts
Bolero chocolate wafer biscuits
Dolfin Belgian butterscotch milk chocolate
Haribo confectionery
Valledoro pesto flavoured mini breadsticks
Deans shortbread fingers 

NOTE: Liquor licence is pending. Please choose from two of the following to replace the wine.

- Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Presse / Elderflower Presse
- Kapiti Kitchen lime cordial
- Rieme French lemonade - Pink lemonade, blood orange, pomegranate